Ina Davila

Rookie (January 27,1995 / Center, Texas)

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my name is paige but everyone calls me ina or synister. im bisexual and atheist(Bi Pride) . i express my feelings through my books, poetry, drawings, paintings, and sometimes photography. i mostly do writing of photography. i dont really draw anymore. im working on a few books. im not ashamed for who i am. i am who i am and thats the way i like it. Updates


Without anyone to live
No one to have anything to give
As tears stream down my cheeks
Watching water flow from the leaks
Drip, drip, drip is all I hear
With a certain song ringing in my ear
Becoming the Bull by Atreyu is the song
About three or four minutes long
Hugging the picture of you, the last one

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