Ina Davila

Rookie (January 27,1995 / Center, Texas)

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Ina Davila poet

my name is paige but everyone calls me ina or synister. im bisexual and atheist(Bi Pride) . i express my feelings through my books, poetry, drawings, paintings, and sometimes photography. i mostly do writing of photography. i dont really draw anymore. im working on a few books. im not ashamed for who i am. i am who i am and thats the way i like it. Updates

Lovable Suicide

Falling from the highest point of the day,
Falling for the one I love so I can lay,
Lay in the dirt, where I belong
Laying there, singing one song
Nightmares haunt my dreams
I have no idea what it means
I'm drowning in my tears and blood,
I should get up but I don't know if I really should
Grave diggers move all about the ground

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