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Inco G. Nito Poems

1. An Ocean Apart 10/17/2010
2. I See You Every Time I Close My Eyes 10/17/2010
3. My Pain And I Keep Company 5/29/2011
4. Give Me A Reason To Hate You 5/29/2011
5. Right Now! 5/29/2011
6. Unspoken Words (20 Words Poetry) 5/29/2011
7. The True You 5/29/2011
8. If You Are You 6/25/2011
9. Always, Maybe, Never! 11/14/2011
10. Purple Rainbow 12/5/2011
11. Charade (18 Words Poetry) 12/5/2011
12. Dreams Of Wonder (22 Words Poetry) 12/28/2011
13. Still The Rose (20 Words Poetry) 12/28/2011
14. Bigger Than I Think You Know 1/16/2012
15. I Know! You Know! 1/24/2012
16. Tear Down Your Walls 1/29/2012
17. The Taste Of Present 2/22/2012
18. First Encounter 4/24/2012
19. Apology 7/18/2012
20. Try A Little Harder 3/28/2013
21. Frost 11/22/2016
22. Where Will You Be When The Revolution Comes? 11/22/2016
23. My Alamo 11/22/2016
24. Beat Me Up! (Lullaby For Advanced Sinners) 4/6/2012

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Beat Me Up! (Lullaby For Advanced Sinners)

Turn me on-
Kiss my lips!
If I smile-
slap my hips!

Knock me down-
beat me up!
Hit me hard-
never stop!

Throw me out-
lock me in!
Pull my hair-
make me spin!

Tie me up-
make it rough!
In my dreams-
not enough!

Spank me hard-
make it tough!
When I scream-
that´s enough!

Just ignore-
all my prayers!
Let me crawl-
down the stairs!

Push me down-
to the ground!
Twist my arms-
all around!

Let me live-
out my dream!
Make me beg-
make me scream!

I must ...

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Right Now!

I don´t know what you think, right now!
I don´t know what you do, right now!
Not even know where you are, right now!
But I do know you are there...
Right now!

So think with me for a while, right now!
Ant do the things you do -with me, right now!
Let´s just be together, right now!

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