Ingrid Jennings

Rookie (Shreveport, Louisiana)

Biography of Ingrid Jennings

Young, free, and full of mischief.
Tall, plump, full of sweet nectar,
outgoing, energetic, eccentric some might say.
Call me what you may,
just call me a lioness.
I work very hard,
I party very light,
I hunt for my family,
I protect them with ease.
I educated my mind with Biology and Chemistry,
from Palm Beach Atlantic a bachelors came to be.
I taught for awhile,
I wrestled with teens.
At Nova Southeastern I mastered in reading.
Now I write every day,
I write with great pride.
I spread my wings out wide as I soar in the sky.

Ingrid Jennings's Works:

Slopjar Updates

Battlefield Of The Mind

Powerful thoughts of a wise man wages war with my every thought.
The battle of logical saneness vs. enlightened creativity insaneness rushes though my being.
My cerebrum becomes the battlefield,
my pineal gland fertilizes the feud.
Creativity surges mystical forces,
they tackle my cerebellum.
Wiggly legs,
weakness enters my frame.

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