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41. The Blowing Wind Every Message Whisper To Your ears 5/14/2012
42. Every Creative Nature For Survey To People 5/14/2012
43. The Cold Night Turn To Warmth 5/15/2012
44. Montag Morgan 5/15/2012
45. The Blossoms Are Dance With Blowing Winds 5/16/2012
46. Every Hope Too Died 5/16/2012
47. Every Burn Heart Will Healed 5/18/2012
48. The Prudent Girl 5/18/2012
49. The Violent Of Great Before 5/19/2012
50. The Yearn Of My Mind 5/19/2012
51. Waiting For Moment 5/19/2012
52. Ounce Upon Time 5/19/2012
53. The Blossom Blooming Upon Boulders 5/21/2012
54. The Dowry For Children 5/21/2012
55. Inside Your Heart 7/8/2012
56. Come And Embrace Soul 7/13/2012
57. The Breeze Tough 7/15/2012
58. Real Store 7/19/2012
59. Petal Of Rose 7/19/2012
60. The Doll 7/22/2012
61. Loving Lass 7/22/2012
62. Dry Earth 7/25/2012
63. Dont Judge Some Body 7/25/2012
64. The Train 8/13/2012
65. Jail 8/13/2012
66. Warmth Of Finger 8/16/2012
67. Strange World And Ancesstors 4/9/2012
68. Kindly God And Reality 4/10/2012
69. Longliness With The God 4/10/2012
70. Scripture And Desolete People 4/10/2012
71. The Cruel Man And Doctrine 4/12/2012
72. Lusture Eye Creative By Noble God 4/13/2012
73. Give Wings For Prove My Love 4/13/2012
74. Love 4/13/2012
75. Creative World 4/13/2012
76. Desolate Life 4/13/2012
77. Fly Through Outer Space 4/14/2012
78. Pure Truth 4/14/2012
79. The Destiny 4/14/2012
80. The Noble Person Not Come Yet 4/16/2012
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The World Tourism Day

Celebration all over world day and night every face have seen beautifully smile
The ruins of heritages strange creative of situated any place visit more and more people
Power of world link increase by the day of golden everybody could get pleasure
The site of sigiri and wild of African with river of Nile will show strange attraction more and more

Ride every mountain via world voyaging every seas see for all offered thing
Chance for all one increase wealth for holiday add to something for life fading
For see every beautiful flower for see all kingdom for seem strange...

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Starry with dark night all over world slumber till sun dawn
The moon covers by black clouds and blamed for sparkle star s seen
Misty with wind blew between mountains whispering some thing
Listen whence begging the song of like mourn by heart of along

Hating to sun and moon loving with dark clouds and darkness
Weeping till redness of eyes oh no find feel of pouring tears
Where can foot step of blin

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