inguruwatta pushpadewa

Rookie - 134 Points (12/13/1975)

inguruwatta pushpadewa Poems

81. Cruel Kingdom 4/16/2012
82. Ancestor Constructed Strange World 4/16/2012
83. The City Of Mumbai 4/16/2012
84. The Moon Went Away 4/17/2012
85. God Message 4/17/2012
86. The Creative With Difference 4/17/2012
87. Shopping With Ladies 4/19/2012
88. Orphaned Child 4/19/2012
89. The Chirst Will Open My Good Path 4/19/2012
90. Eyes Of Truth 4/19/2012
91. Beach At Sri Lanka 10/2/2012
92. Beaytiful Butterfly 10/2/2012
93. Proclaim War 10/2/2012
94. Vigilant People 10/2/2012
95. My Village 10/23/2012
96. Long Lines 10/23/2012
97. The Dance 10/23/2012
98. The Day Of Rain 10/28/2012
99. Cruel Formality 10/29/2012
100. Triumph Of The Universal 10/29/2012
101. Begining Of The World 10/31/2012
102. Developing World 11/1/2012
103. Village Road 11/21/2012
104. Understanding World 11/21/2012
105. How Leave This Earth 11/21/2012
106. Rush Night 1/5/2013
107. Bravity At Child Hood 1/14/2013
108. Developping An Island 1/17/2013
109. Pray For Prosperity 1/18/2013
110. Rough Wind 1/25/2013
111. The Majority 4/9/2013
112. Prevent Destroying Heritages And Clause Stop Developing Formality. 4/6/2013
113. The Mountain Of Kalvari 6/16/2014
114. Status Kalvari Mountain 6/16/2014
115. The Judge In The Universal 6/18/2014
116. Reaching To Heaven 12/24/2015
117. Crash The Truth 12/24/2015
118. The 'Bethlehem' Has Been Closed 12/27/2015
119. The Sadness Of The World 12/31/2015
120. The Amazon River 1/24/2016
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The World Tourism Day

Celebration all over world day and night every face have seen beautifully smile
The ruins of heritages strange creative of situated any place visit more and more people
Power of world link increase by the day of golden everybody could get pleasure
The site of sigiri and wild of African with river of Nile will show strange attraction more and more

Ride every mountain via world voyaging every seas see for all offered thing
Chance for all one increase wealth for holiday add to something for life fading
For see every beautiful flower for see all kingdom for seem strange...

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Desolate Life

Fading sun shade spreading and covered all over city turn to red color
Busy people going to themselves houses for looking him family for embrace
Birds are flying speed for seen it selves nest the proceed of car horn pipe
Desolate people walking every street with yearn of speech with another one

The church door is open for begin praying if not ghost will come among darkness
Will having free space for living better the people are again and again call to him selves
The voice of

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