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What love is, but an error,
Contagious in two egotistic mind,
Rising a malicious terror
For a veiling intention that unkind?

For Love And Dignity

Not wrong,
To have no dignity;
As long,
Have thee in affection and amity;


Beauty is a heavenic boon,
Stretch in tin line between vice and virtue;
Beauty unlasting and will end soon,
Fade in time and lost its final hue.

Is There Any Different?

Friend or foe, it makes no different now,
When mortality embraced us;
Our fallen souls like snow,
An eternity graced in dust.

To Rotted The Unholy Orchids [carrion Love Notes]

Hear me! My first name is rotten,
My second name is orchids;
Can thou see my face moistened,
Of lusterless crimson gore lurid.

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Name: Intarsia Miasma aka Rob Francis Stain
Gender: Male

Some Foretaste of Heaven:

Hail to thee my dying contemporaries. I truly beseeched for thy forgiveness regarding my audacity and recklessness. Thou probably have seen my paltry notes or the, shall we say, the satirical panegyrics where I spelt my hex to those multi-faceted zombies. I ...

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