Instalasi Sastra

Rookie (February 26th 1983 / Central Java > Indonesia)

Biography of Instalasi Sastra

Name: Intarsia Miasma aka Rob Francis Stain
Gender: Male

Some Foretaste of Heaven:

Hail to thee my dying contemporaries. I truly beseeched for thy forgiveness regarding my audacity and recklessness. Thou probably have seen my paltry notes or the, shall we say, the satirical panegyrics where I spelt my hex to those multi-faceted zombies. I simply miss the luster, the warmth, and the blissfulness of light. These melancholic burlesques seem beautiful to them but not to me. I have no passion about it anymore. This delusion drives me frantic every time I wrote those lurid notes. I feel vulnerable and frail but there is a little bit of virtue in all of us and I will not succumb to those malicious vices. Dreams await, purify me my weeping angel and lead me to thine eden where sobriety prevails.

-Carrion Love Notes & The Rotten Orchids Society-
Print on winter at the end of 2005

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For Those Who Died

For those who died, I mourned and spilled a thousand tears,
Where all remembrance cast and sadness roar;
For heaven and hell, sacred option we surely fears,
Send our pangs and woes in final soar.

For those who died, I smiled and let thou free,
The best for me the God have given;
In God I trust the good response for thee,
My prayer to taste His beauteous heaven.