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Rookie (February 26th 1983 / Central Java > Indonesia)

Instalasi Sastra Poems

1. To Lady Vanity 3/4/2005
2. To A Gaze Companion 3/16/2005
3. For Those Who Died 3/16/2005
4. Reply To A Very Elegant Poem From A Lady On ‘what You Are To Me’ 3/16/2005
5. A Prelude Of Love 12/17/2005
6. Neo Aeon 1/12/2006
7. Fe[male] [*may,27th 06*] 5/26/2006
8. Should I Atone [confession Orchids] 3/16/2005
9. Mysterious Lady! 3/16/2005
10. To A Lady Not Mine 3/16/2005
11. The Essence Of C.L.N & The R.O.F 3/16/2005
12. To A Lady Prejudice 3/28/2005
13. To Twine An Apologetic Blossom 10/21/2005
14. An Apologetic Bloom 10/21/2005
15. Lady Rain [051226] 3/16/2005
16. Surrenderity 3/16/2005
17. Perfect Companion 3/16/2005
18. The Images 3/16/2005
19. Live Bait From Heaven Or Hell 11/6/2005
20. A Question Of Heart 8/16/2005
21. My Lady Valentine! 3/16/2005
22. Passion In Tune 6/22/2005
23. The Lost 6/22/2005
24. To Hideous Excessum 3/16/2005
25. For Thee I Vow 3/16/2005
26. To A Noble Lady! 3/16/2005
27. To A Lady Who Wants Me! 3/16/2005
28. Are We Need Ends? 8/16/2005
29. Fantastic Comedy 8/16/2005
30. Lines Written After Seeing A Lady Who Weep (An Ode To T[iyas] U[tami]) 6/22/2005
31. My Valentine! 3/16/2005
32. A Man And His Fancy Affection 6/22/2005
33. An Ode For Weeping Lady 6/22/2005
34. An Ode Default 6/22/2005
35. To A Lady On Receiving Her Letter 3/16/2005
36. Lines Written Beneath An Ardent Reign 3/16/2005
37. Of Satire And Bloody Malignant 3/16/2005
38. Companion-Companion 3/28/2005
39. Satiation 3/28/2005
40. To A Man In Ardent Reign 3/28/2005

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Love Defiled [answer To A Beautiful Poem Entitled ‘love Defined]

What love is, but an error,
Contagious in two egotistic mind,
Rising a malicious terror
For a veiling intention that unkind?

What is love, but a fear,
Covered in pure pathetic vow,
Which wrung the heart to spill a tear,
Leaving the soul disgrace below?

What is love, but a vassal,
Ruled by evil voices that murmur,
In malice aforethought abysmal,
But lurk by beauteous blur?

And what is love, but a tragedy,
Since Adam and Eve to Romeo and Juliet,
In love story of everlasting comedy,
Remnant of anguish silhouette?

So I ...

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To Lady Vanity

Lady vanity!
Why thy heart love, but thy lips lie,
From what the god had bestow;
When thy though seem to die,
From the creation of love below;
My bosom still revere thee,
Even though thou are lady vanity.

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