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Lady Rain [051226]

Lady rain! Comes and go as thou please,
Unvow by the circle of time;
Just smaller than friends yet filthy as beast,
Turn bigger than foes in a hideous crime.


What a curse I have to face,
In the trembling errors of fate;
Most vindictive to human race,
A hypocrite fools we surely hate.

Perfect Companion

A companion in need is a companion indeed,
Who makes us all laugh not for a while;
A precursor of happiness when we bleed,
Far from all malicious vile.

The Images

Thy image appear in every faces,
In every women I knew or not;
Can thou perish all the dull traces,
And not weep nor sorrow in blood.

Live Bait From Heaven Or Hell

God ordained life full of hue, there are always will be triumph or default, birth or demise, virtue or vice, bliss or woe, friend or foe, amity or enmity, verity or falsity, affection or detestation, elation or compassion, sobriety or anxiety, loyalty or treachery.
Are we have the courage to face its?
Are we strong enough to taste its?
Maybe we simply don’t care about its?

A Question Of Heart

At the fist time thou and I meet,
I find thou very attractive and lusty;
But why thou despise my affection and good deed,
A question of heart too massive, am I ugly?

My Lady Valentine!

Oh, lady shine,
Thy beauty so fine;
I wish thou be mine,
In this sweet valentine!

To Lady Vanity

Lady vanity!
Why thy heart love, but thy lips lie,
From what the god had bestow;
When thy though seem to die,

To A Gaze Companion

Marvelous, when I meet thee,
No overcast darkened my way;
My gaze companion thou I see,
Lead me through my darkest day.

For Those Who Died

For those who died, I mourned and spilled a thousand tears,
Where all remembrance cast and sadness roar;
For heaven and hell, sacred option we surely fears,
Send our pangs and woes in final soar.

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