Instalasi Sastra Poems

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An Ode For Weeping Lady

Oh though I’m nobody for thee,
It hard for me to see;
When tears pour’d from thy eyes,
My bosom prays for thousand remedies [A solemnity to make thou happy]

An Ode Default

Oh lady! Please wipe thy tears away,
And let thy crimson cheek sparkle in hue;
Allow me to make thou happy day by day,
Blissfulness is surely thy heavenly due.

To A Lady On Receiving Her Letter

Life seem so narrow,
I felt my time is come;
When you broke the arrow,
From my heart that lonesome.

Lines Written Beneath An Ardent Reign

His thought so sweetly straying
And captive in beauteous disarms of one;
His anguish gaze unconscious crying,
When atone moment lurk and gone.

Of Satire And Bloody Malignant

Alas! Why thou disbelieve in me,
Judge me from others malignant eyes;
Despise all my verse that thou see,
And thought all is left are words of lies.


Companion in need is companion indeed,
But what the use of having companion if the heart still like sword;
When the malicious and vice deed,
Veil in the charm and beauteous words.


Have thou ever feel a satiation in life,
And nothing is so worthy to be;
When the flames extinguish and started the strife,
As love became a vampyric burden for thee.

To A Man In Ardent Reign

Oh dear! Another humiliation embraced me,
To a seductive mortal passion veil in beauty;
Again a true path of God I can not see,
Blinded by the filthiest gaze desire of nudity.

Lines For A Man In Loneliness

How cruel of thee to question the love divine,
Although thou know the essence of love for thee;
In the name of love thou still repine,
And deny all the things thou see.

To A Lost Companion

What wrong in being nice and friendly,
And try to seek a thousand companion;
When I saw thee, I saw my companion ungainly,
Where I laid my story, my laugh, my tears and my compassion.