Irene C S ClarkHogg

Biography of Irene C S ClarkHogg

I live in the North East of England with my husband, who is also a poet, three cats and two dogs. I have been a writer of poetry and prose for many years and enjoy experimenting with a variety of poetry forms.

Irene C S ClarkHogg's Works:

Perceptions - Poetry & Prose collection
Mother and Son - with Stephen Hall - Poetry
Two I's, Two Hearts One Soul - with Ivor Hogg - Poetry
Elastoplasts and Bluetack - Poetry Collection
Grandma's Family Album - Children's Poetry
Nancy & the Wood Nymphs - Children's story
Ken's Kinder Kebab - Short stories and Poems
The Blue Knight - Short stories and Poems Updates

Canoodling In 'C'

Colin Curry came acourting
Comely Countess Caroline
Craving cuddles, cool caresses
Choosing creepers,
Colin climbs.

'Come on ' chortled cheerful cherubs
Carved clasping crumpled crimson curtains
Colin clutched cold crumbling casements

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