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81. * Tears Of Rain 10/19/2009
82. A Degenerate Mouse Called Arthur 9/23/2006

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A Mother's Gift

A woman gave part of her soul
That the being she created could be whole
Then having physical and spiritual form
As the sun arose a child was born.
And with this gift was forged a bond
To last through life, and far beyond.

So many times within life's span
The darkness coils around the man
But, within the man, the child has hope
And, reaching out, his fingers grope
To touch his soul, the spark is there
To link with one who'll always care.

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He speaks of traveling in far distant lands
Of cities fair, adjacent to the sea;
Exotic gifts purchased there. So, for me,
Fine silks and spices placed within my hands.
Too soon, companions share his latest plans.
From boredom with this life he’ll surely flee,
As cruel fate repeats my history;
Bereft, left only with our wedding bands.
Alone, to wait once more for his return,

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