Iruuka Blackheart

Rookie (Janurary 13,1997 / Paterno, Italy)

Biography of Iruuka Blackheart

I am nothing more than a 14 year old boy who has had hard times in my life....I've currently dealing with a major heartache family troubles and depression.....people think that a child so young cannot have experienced these feelings well i have i do know what love is i felt it and still feel it even though my heart was torn from my chest Love is my life and i realize this depressed as hell everyday and it keeps gettting worse so i just try to cling to the love i hold Updates


I am not a being of the heat
Although I am known to play with fire
The element im of is one of desire
I am one of the cold, or so I’m told
I walk around in light clothes
Around in the cold, thinking im bold
Buts its stupid its dumb and I know why I do it
It’s because on the inside im as cold as frozen fluid
Im an abyss an endless hole

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