Irvin Relebogile

Veteran Poet - 1,356 Points [I THE POET] (11-10-1998 / Tzaneen)

Biography of Irvin Relebogile

Name is I, profession is being a poet, just kidding.
you can call me I though, but as for poetry-it is not a job. Rather it is something I have gladly chosen to love out of my own liking. I was born in a village just outside of Tzaneen. I grew up not loving poetry but somehow life taught me that poetry is your one and only voice in the whole of galaxy......that is the why today I write like I am about to die. poetry is my friend, in whom my consolation and confinement has established a home...I love reading and writing.I will be matriculating in 2016..hopefully, and after that I want to become an accountant.. so I am going to be a poetic accountant (PA) .

Irvin Relebogile's Works:

none....yet Updates

It Was Just A Dream

I have beheld monsters in my head,
With faces normal but behind lay hatred, evil and names of the dead.
They chased me with others,
We scared and perished with hopelessness.
Our blood had in them a remedy for unhappiness.
The roars of my breath screamed and led them to me for their collection.
I longed for a day of light,
But they were just too much in love with darkness to do what's right.
I was chased by big men whose powers equaled the earth?

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