isa karatepe

Rookie (21/06/1973 / 1973 ANKARA)

Biography of isa karatepe

isa karatepe poet

Karatepe has aimed at a new awareness of social responsibilities. In the 1986s he adopted a mystical view of life, without losing the strength of expression and inventiveness which he had evolved during his socialist period. His poetry thrives on a strong combination of lyricism, jovial irony and sarcasm.His major poetry collections include Herkes mi ayrı ldı (everybodys love different / 2003) ancyra’s poetr /2004 because my love to you İ stanbul/2008

isa karatepe's Works:

Herkes mi ayrı ldı (everybodys love different / 2003
ancyra’s poetr /2004
Because my love to you İ stanbul/2008 Updates

Voyager Sentences

Instead of the non-ancient dreams which I collected under the pillow,
Dreamer passed by sprinkling a little dreams without me
However mornings remained robbers at the night endings,
And how much do the deaf sleepings coast us at the drow backing of eyes.
How many rattles of hard rain did he come to your heart's window without me,
Was very talkative nobody touched his timid palms,
At the top of a ownerless lighting rod,
I don't know how many mistakes without you.

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