Isaac Abrahams

Biography of Isaac Abrahams

My teacher believed I would be published before I was 19. My teacher however did not take into considerations the wrong choices I would make during my last three years of school and the years after school.

I started writing again two years ago. Picked up again on a movie script I started writing while still in school as well as other short stories I was working on at the time.

Lately it seems as if something is driving me. I make notes of ideas I have to work through when I have the time. The poems I posted is part of a collection of five poems. The two I posted here is to test what you think of my work. The other three will not be posted as I am working on a collection of poems which I hope to submit to a publisher next year. For this reason I beg you; 'Please let me know what you think of my writing. Negative comments and advice is dearly welcome.'

I am also writing in my home language, Afrikaans, after refusing to use the language as a form of protest during the Apartheid years. I was forced to use it at school as I was enrolled at an Afrikaans school by my parents. I did my studies after school in English. My Afrikaans teacher at school and later one of my lecturers at college said I was selling myself short not using my home language, to which I replied on both occasions: 'How can I when there are people in our country who are forced to use it in their schools and universities because it was government policy and not their wish to do so.'

I now teach Afrikaans to Black South Africans who choose to study it. Updates

Just Wondering

Somewhere in the Milky Way,
Who knows?
Someone may be looking at us,
Listening to us,
Studying us,
And who knows,
Shaking his head
Wondering why it is
That a species locked together in a bubble

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