Isaac Watts

(17 July 1674 – 25 November 1748 / Southampton / England)

Isaac Watts Poems

441. Psalm Xxxvi: High In The Heav'Ns 1/3/2003
442. Hymn 78 1/1/2004
443. Hymn 112 1/1/2004
444. Hymn 124 1/1/2004
445. Hymn 41 1/1/2004
446. Psalm 103 Part 3 1/1/2004
447. Let Dogs Delight To Bark And Bite 1/7/2015
448. Hymn 113 1/1/2004
449. Hymn 111 1/1/2004
450. The Incomprehensible 4/14/2010
451. Hymn 103 4/14/2010
452. Praise For Creation And Providence 1/3/2003
453. Psalm Xix: The Heavens Declare Thy Glory, Lord 1/3/2003
454. Hymn 104 1/1/2004
455. Hymn 11 1/1/2004
456. Hymn 110 1/1/2004
457. Hymn 105 1/1/2004
458. Alas! And Did My Savior Bleed? 4/14/2010
459. Hymn 10 1/1/2004
460. Hymn 101 1/1/2004
461. Hymn 107 1/1/2004
462. Hymn 1 1/1/2004
463. Hymn 109 1/1/2004
464. Examples Of Early Piety 1/3/2003
465. Hymn 106 1/1/2004
466. Hymn 102 1/1/2004
467. Hymn 108 1/1/2004
468. Hymn 100 1/1/2004
469. Cradle Hymn 4/14/2010
470. Against Scoffing And Calling Names 1/3/2003
471. Against Lying 1/3/2003
472. Against Idleness And Mischief 1/3/2003
473. Against Evil Company 1/3/2003
474. Against Quarreling And Fighting 1/3/2003

Comments about Isaac Watts

  • Greg Endebrock (2/27/2017 11:01:00 AM)

    Do you know the poems listed under Isaac Watts have been composed into songs, and if so, which ones.

    How would one go about getting permission to use a poem to compose a song.

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    4 person did not like.
  • Flora Forbes (6/27/2016 7:01:00 PM)

    Sir Isaac Watts was gifted by God. Sir Isaac Watts wrote 600 hymns and 52 books including a book on logic used in the Universities. He also wrote books on ethics, psychology, astronomy and geography. He wrote a book on the Psalms in poetic form. Benjamin Franklin had Sir Isaac Watts book on the Psalms published in the United States. When Sir Isaac Watts died a monument was placed in Westminster Abbey to honour him. I am eternally grateful fo my rich heritage of Christian hymns dedicated to the glory of God by Sir Isaac Watts. Flora Forbes

  • Jean Leblanc (12/29/2009 12:25:00 PM)

    I like Isaac Watts´poems because they have rhyme, which makes them fun to read, and yet they convey messages that make you think about the path you are taking in life. Is it to everlasting life, or eternal destruction?

  • Vikram Aarella - The Poem Shooter (6/1/2006 2:59:00 PM)

    It's really astonishing that Watts has written so may good poems,

  • Naomi Burdett (5/5/2005 10:48:00 AM)

    i just wanted to say WOW so many poems. how do you do it. serch for mine

    Naomi Burdett

Best Poem of Isaac Watts

Against Quarreling And Fighting

Let dogs delight to bark and bite,
For God hath made them so:
Let bears and lions growl and fight,
For 'tis their nature, too.

But, children, you should never let
Such angry passions rise:
Your little hands were never made
To tear each other's eyes.

Let love through all your actions run,
And all your words be mild:
Live like the blessed Virgin's Son,
That sweet and lovely child.

His soul was gentle as a lamb;
And as his stature grew,
He grew in favor both with man,
And God his Father too.

Now, Lord of all, he reigns ...

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Hymn 154

Self-righteousness insufficient.

"Where are the mourners," saith the Lord,
"That wait and tremble at my word,
That walk in darkness all the day?
Come, make my name your trust and stay.

["No works nor duties of your own
Can for the smallest sin atone

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