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Isaac Yaw Osei Poems

1. Felows 9/13/2012
2. Shahinaz Shahy 9/13/2012
3. Enough 9/13/2012
4. Be Master 9/13/2012
5. Rhododendron 9/14/2012
6. The Dreamer's Flower 9/14/2012
7. My Teachers 9/14/2012
8. Call To Glory 9/14/2012
9. We Are All Confused 9/14/2012
10. Mis You 9/14/2012
11. Back Home 9/14/2012
12. So 9/17/2012
13. Life 9/17/2012
14. Mr. Preacherman 9/17/2012
15. Black Beauty 9/17/2012
16. Merry Christmas 9/17/2012
17. Live 9/17/2012
18. Babylon 9/17/2012
19. Hi! 9/17/2012
20. Tentahooks 9/26/2012
21. Absence, While Away 9/26/2012
22. Who Has A Name? 9/26/2012
23. Comfort 9/26/2012
24. Hope 9/26/2012
25. Patience 9/26/2012
26. Win My Glass 9/26/2012
27. Imagine 9/26/2012
28. Same State 9/26/2012
29. Save Me 9/17/2012
30. Coat Of Love 9/17/2012
31. My Mirror 9/14/2012
32. World Cup 9/13/2012
33. In This Life 9/17/2012
34. Maybe 9/17/2012

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Best Poem of Isaac Yaw Osei


I thought we're close-set
I thought you veil my closet
And I will to yours next
I thought we're whole set
And not we're null set
I thought you're there for
All I thought I'm here for
I thought you'd be to
My thought you're to
I thought you're
Mine thought to me...

There's no need to be cruel any more
Those years I was away
Seems living in hope was wrong.
I won't come around no more
You won't find me standing outside your door
Since I don't worship the ground you walk on
I won't follow a truck to find you.
Like a fool, I thought you'd be...

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Be Master

I wake up and I wish to wake you.
Hatred comes easy and love, difficult.
All good come with limp and bad
Very easy to get. Perception… right or
Wrong… leavens everything done under
The sun. With a proper perspective of a
Perception, many other things fall into
Place. The scheme of the schemer is evil
So if you don't walk the walk, don't

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