Isabella Fyvie Mayo

Isabella Fyvie Mayo Poems

1. A Message From The Sea 10/19/2012
2. The Midni 10/19/2012
3. The Midnight Lamp 10/19/2012
4. My Cousin's Portrait 10/19/2012
5. The Death Of Emilia Manin 10/19/2012
6. Met Again 10/19/2012
7. The Prisoner 10/19/2012
8. The Dead Poet 10/19/2012
9. Bedide The Stile 10/19/2012
10. In The Choir 10/19/2012
11. Waiting In The Dusk 10/19/2012
12. Family Music 10/19/2012
13. Broken Off 10/19/2012
14. Among The Corn 10/19/2012
15. The Deaf Musician 10/19/2012
16. Easter 10/19/2012
17. A Love Gift 10/19/2012
18. Father And Mother 10/19/2012
19. Times Of Revealing 10/19/2012
20. Good-Bye 10/19/2012
21. In The Firelight 10/19/2012
22. A Messenger Of Consolation 10/19/2012
23. A Cripple's Story 10/19/2012
24. Shadows Of The Past 10/19/2012
Best Poem of Isabella Fyvie Mayo

Shadows Of The Past

I'm sitting in a shady room,
A dainty scent pervades its gloom,
The perfume from a withered flower
Gathered—who knows in what sweet hour?
Or pressed by what fair lips which must
Have mingled long ere this with dust?
The relic of a grandsire's love
Stored with a letter and a glove!

And all about the room are spread
The handiworks of ladies dead:
A great aunt's miracles in lace,
A Dian coming from the chase
Worked by great-grandmothers of mine
While great-grandfathers sipped their wine;
And here's a valentine so torn
I think it was received in ...

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My Cousin's Portrait

Just where the early sunbeams fall,
And waken me at dawn,
To hear the lark sing praise because
Another day is born,
There hangs a little portrait, and none know how 'tis stored,
I simply tell my guests it is 'my cousin, gone abroad.'

He lived upon the breezy hills,
And I in London town;

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