Isabella Valancy Crawford

(25 December 1850 – 12 February 1887 / Dublin, Ireland)

Isabella Valancy Crawford Poems

41. Old Spookses' Pass 1/1/2004
42. A Perfect Strain 4/20/2010
43. Said The West Wind 5/14/2001
44. Curtius 4/20/2010
45. Farmer Downs Changes His Opinion Of Nature 4/20/2010
46. Baby's Dreams (Second Version) 4/20/2010
47. Between The Wind And Rain 4/20/2010
48. A Hungry Day 4/20/2010
49. A Harvest Song 4/20/2010
50. The Camp Of Souls 5/14/2001
51. Canada To England 4/20/2010
52. The Rose 1/1/2004
53. An Interregnum 4/20/2010
54. The Mother's Soul 1/1/2004
55. Caesar's Wife 4/20/2010
56. Baby's Dreams 4/20/2010
57. The Dark Stag 5/14/2001
58. In Exchange For His Soul! 4/20/2010
59. How Deacon Fry Bought A Duchess 4/20/2010
60. Bite Deep And Wide, O Axe, The Tree! 4/20/2010
61. Joy's City 4/20/2010
62. Beside The Sea 4/20/2010
63. A Battle 4/20/2010
64. His Mother 12/31/2002
65. His Sweetheart 12/31/2002
66. His Wife And Baby 12/31/2002
67. The Canoe 12/31/2002

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Best Poem of Isabella Valancy Crawford

His Wife And Baby

In the lone place of the leaves,
Where they touch the hanging eaves,
There sprang a spray of joyous song that sounded sweet and sturdy;
And the baby in the bed
Raised the shining of his head,
And pulled the mother's lids apart to wake and watch the birdie.
She kissed lip-dimples sweet,
The red soles of his feet,
The waving palms that patted hers as wind-blown blossoms wander;
He twined her tresses silk
Round his neck as white as milk­
'Now, baby, say what birdie sings upon his green spray yonder.'

'He sings a plenty ...

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Said The West Wind

1 I love old earth! Why should I lift my wings,
2 My misty wings, so high above her breast
3 That flowers would shake no perfumes from their hearts,
4 And waters breathe no whispers to the shores?
5 I love deep places builded high with woods,
6 Deep, dusk, fern-closed, and starred with nodding blooms,
7 Close watched by hills, green, garlanded and tall.

8 On hazy wings, all shot with mellow gold,

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