Isabella Valancy Crawford

(25 December 1850 – 12 February 1887 / Dublin, Ireland)

Isabella Valancy Crawford Poems

41. Old Spookses' Pass 1/1/2004
42. A Perfect Strain 4/20/2010
43. Said The West Wind 5/14/2001
44. Curtius 4/20/2010
45. Farmer Downs Changes His Opinion Of Nature 4/20/2010
46. Baby's Dreams (Second Version) 4/20/2010
47. Between The Wind And Rain 4/20/2010
48. A Hungry Day 4/20/2010
49. A Harvest Song 4/20/2010
50. The Camp Of Souls 5/14/2001
51. Canada To England 4/20/2010
52. The Rose 1/1/2004
53. An Interregnum 4/20/2010
54. Bite Deep And Wide, O Axe, The Tree! 4/20/2010
55. The Mother's Soul 1/1/2004
56. Caesar's Wife 4/20/2010
57. Baby's Dreams 4/20/2010
58. The Dark Stag 5/14/2001
59. In Exchange For His Soul! 4/20/2010
60. How Deacon Fry Bought A Duchess 4/20/2010
61. Beside The Sea 4/20/2010
62. Joy's City 4/20/2010
63. A Battle 4/20/2010
64. His Mother 12/31/2002
65. His Sweetheart 12/31/2002
66. His Wife And Baby 12/31/2002
67. The Canoe 12/31/2002

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Best Poem of Isabella Valancy Crawford

His Sweetheart

Sylvia's lattices were dark­
Roses made them narrow.
In the dawn there came a Spark,
Armèd with an arrow:
Blithe he burst by dewy spray,
Winged by bud and blossom,
All undaunted urged his way
Straight to Sylvia's bosom.
'Sylvia! Sylvia! Sylvia!' he
Like a bee kept humming,
'Wake, my sweeting; waken thee,
For thy Soldier's coming!'
Sylvia sleeping in the dawn,
Dreams that Cupid's trill is
Roses singing on the lawn,
Courting crested lilies.
Sylvia smiles and Sylvia sleeps,
Sylvia weeps and slumbers;
Cupid to ...

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The Camp Of Souls

1 My white canoe, like the silvery air
2 O'er the River of Death that darkly rolls
3 When the moons of the world are round and fair,
4 I paddle back from the 'Camp of Souls.'
5 When the wishton-wish in the low swamp grieves
6 Come the dark plumes of red 'Singing Leaves.'

7 Two hundred times have the moons of spring
8 Rolled over the bright bay's azure breath

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