Isabella Valancy Crawford Poems

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Gisli: The Chieftain

To the Goddess Lada prayed
Gisli, holding high his spear
Bound with buds of spring, and laughed
All his heart to Lada's ear.

Songs For The Soldiers

IF songs be sung let minstrels strike their harps
To large and joyous strains, all thunder-winged
To beat along vast shores. Ay, let their notes
Wild into eagles soaring toward the sun,

The City Tree

I stand within the stony, arid town,
I gaze for ever on the narrow street;
I hear for ever passing up and down,
The ceaseless tramp of feet.

My Irish Love

Beside the saffron of a curtain, lit
With broidered flowers, below a golden fringe
That on her silver shoulder made a glow,

The Sword

At the forging of the Sword--
The mountain roots were stirr'd,
Like the heart-beats of a bird;

Roses In Madrid

Roses, Senors, roses!
Love is subtly hid
In the fragrant roses,
Blown in gay Madrid.

Late Loved--Well Loved

He stood beside her in the dawn
(And she his Dawn and she his Spring),
From her bright palm she fed her fawn,

The White Bull

Ev'ry dusk eye in Madrid,
Flash'd blue 'neath its lid;
As the cry and the clamour ran round,
'The king has been crown'd!

La Bouquetiere

Buy my roses, citizens,--
Here are roses golden white,
Like the stars that lovers watch
On a purple summer night.

My Ain Bonnie Lass O' The Glen.

Ae blink o' the bonnie new mune,
Ay tinted as sune as she's seen,
Wad licht me to Meg frae the toun,
Tho' mony the brae-side between: