Isayah Ezra Kuhlmann

Rookie (25/7/1994 / Mannum)

Biography of Isayah Ezra Kuhlmann

I began writing poems and short stories when I was ten, my passion grew from then on, so did my options for poems and stories due to many various events such as family, bullying and the biggest one of all, love. As we grow older we gain new experiences that we use as stepping stones, some paint these stepping stones, visualizing them on canvas for eternity. While others sing or create music to verbally transmit their stepping stones. While we write, telling our readers a point in time we cherish and letting them visualize it themselves.One of the genres I like most writing about is romance, this is because romance plays a huge role in our lives.

My goal in life is to love those around me, who will in turn love me the same, I also want to show the world my work, showing them the world through my eyes.

I would appreciate any feedback good or bad, it all helps thankyou

Isayah Ezra Kuhlmann's Works:

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Love Of A God

Love finds its way back to those who have lost

But without a cost

The human who loves a god

Loves only who he has forgot

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