Ishmael Mabhiza Biography

Ishmael Mabhiza is young strong willed man with passion for social entrepreneurship, leadership and impacting people's lives positively and sustainably. He studied literature in both Ordinary and Advanced level education. He is a proud holder of a Honors degree in Industrial Relations from the Great Zimbabwe University and studying towards an MBA with University of the People. He has a certificate in Basics of Project Management with the International Business Management Institute from Germany. He also is a Human Resources Management and Labour Relations Consultant, working towards certification. He speaks, shouts and advises through his poetry.

Ishmael Mabhiza draws his inspiration from his mother, a woman who never gave up on him after the passing of his father. His life foundation is rooted in God. He stands amazed by the wonderful works that were made by God; the earth, sky and all living organisms, visible and invisible.

He loves leading to the extend that he ventures himself into national politics. Due to his exceptional and outstanding individual mentality he has created a brand called *The Salient Poet* under his editing and publishing company, Smiley Poetry.

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