Ishrat khan

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  • ''Being silent is being human''
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  • ''World is living in the ashes of one drop''
  • ''Don't live for this world; live for hereafter''
  • ''Do not unveil otherwise it will not remain as MYSTERY''
  • ''Being religious is more important than being modern''
  • ''People often have opposite perspective unless they know the truth''
  • ''The man's inability to make adjustment in life is to find himself hard to be the happiest''
  • ''Animals are very lucky. Ask why? because they are not humans!''
  • ''Immature person rather express better words but not better actions!''
  • ''Fire and Water can never be friends!''

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Beloved And The Betrayed

Sinking to a very deep....
so far from the sweet memories
Heart redeems no weep
And mind redeems no worries.!

Voyaging alone
to seek the path of relief...
where I find no cursing stone
And no grief! ! !

The eagerness still awaits....
for the day of heaven to come
Discarding all my hates;
that belonging to some..

Millions of tears
rained with many reason,
Throughout all the years.;
throughtout all the seasons

There is a feeling of loneliness
and feeling of astrayed,
No pursuit of happiness...
coz, Im beloved and ...

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The Sweet Revenge

I realized certain things
My self-reflexivity bound to bring

Life in disgust, love in despair
Ever met me to scare

While living is so vast
As nothing is built to last! ! !

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