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  • ''Telling your sad story to a person doesn't make him feèl like what you really feel but when he goes through the same will make him realize and understand what you've been through!''
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  • ''What's the merit of creating heaven when life isn't painful''

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Beloved And The Betrayed

Sinking to a very deep....
so far from the sweet memories
Heart redeems no weep
And mind redeems no worries.!

Voyaging alone
to seek the path of relief...
where I find no cursing stone
And no grief! ! !

The eagerness still awaits....
for the day of heaven to come
Discarding all my hates;
that belonging to some..

Millions of tears
rained with many reason,
Throughout all the years.;
throughtout all the seasons

There is a feeling of loneliness
and feeling of astrayed,
No pursuit of happiness...
coz, Im beloved and ...

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With the celebration of immorality,
This is the world I'm living
Which is an endless destruction;
Mighty in cruel action; power of disbelieving

Where pessimism takes place everywhere;
filled with proudiness of falsehood
A little or no direction it reaches;
towards mankind or brotherhood

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