Itai Oscar

Biography of Itai Oscar

Itai Oscar is an Architect and an ordained minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It brings joy to his life to see lives being transformed for the better after being in contact with Him. He loves reading all readables that are descriptive. An appreciator of any form of creative art.
With no schooling whatsoever in the area of poetry he started scribbling his feelings or imagination on paper and playing around with words. It brings joy to him when readerts comment his work. Take a journey through his mind... Updates

If Our Love

If our love was a tattoo, then I'd draw it on my forehead for everyone to see.
If our love was light, then it'd be the sun, lighting the whole world.
If our love was a shape, then it'd be a circle, going round and round without end.
If our love was a word, then it'd be eternity.

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