Ivan Bravo

Rookie (San Lues Potsi, Mexico)

Biography of Ivan Bravo

I am what you fear
I am the kid that that seems happy and full of cheer
On the surface I seem normal
but deep down inside I'm so ugly
I have a lot to say, ranging from subjects...
I am inspired by Jim Morrison to write...in hope that my poetry will change a kids life like he's changed mine
I hate materialistic people
I live life by six simple words
'Shit or get off the pot'

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Bound For The Floor

All these pieces can't seem to find their proper place
I don't think I have enough words to make a case
Maybe I try too hard to find someone to blame
Blame someone for all the pain that suddenly came
Maybe I'm the one who has truly changed
I have to suppress these thoughts, keep them locked and caged
This soul is empty, it can no longer feel
It's take it's last breath, finally given up, it seems so unreal
I guess it's these scars that make me stronger

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