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...If I said I wrote poetry for a reason I’d have to defend my reasoning every day. So I don’t. I write for fun – and if it isn’t fun it’s better than being bored or feeling useless. I admit to feeling bored and useless occasionally.

But there is more to Poetry than one man’s opinion of it.

There are many views – no less especially here. Most, sadly, are neither original nor particularly new because that is what we’ve come to expect as an unforgiving characteristic of this Site.

But occasionally there are gems to be found, wicked nuggets of gold garnered from sparsest sands. I’m tossing in what I can. If you’ve encountered something of mine you consider worthy, congratulations. Toss me a line. I’ll understand!

My arbitrary decision to limit poems posted here to 100 will stand as long as Poemhunter continues its childishly innocuous and anonymous censorship practises. I have seen no sign of it improving yet.

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The Meaning of Liff

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Epitomes Of Grace

sickness still remains a sting
that steals vitality, keenly fed
on anguish bled from trauma
deep, tension wed to agony in
thrall to grief; no pleasure left
to ease ambiguous disgrace
endured as much inured and
endlessly emphatic pain

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