Ivana RadanJamnicki

Biography of Ivana RadanJamnicki

I am Ivana from Croatia but I live in Czech Republic. I work as a foreign languages teacher, I love languages and cultures. In my free time I like to dedicate to arts like writing and drawing, painting, crafts, sculpting, singing, dancing and others.
I write because it helps me see things more clearly, sort things out and it brings me to conclusions. I like to learn about myself and I like to develop, change and grow. I try to take everyone as a teacher and everything as a lesson.
Dear reader, please be my teacher. Speak honestly what you think of the things I write about, even if you don't like my work. I'd love to hear you comment and see you rate my poems. Share with me if having ideas and ask me if having questions. I will always honour your time and effort for having having helped me on my life journey.
I deeply wish you the same light, beauty and guidance to follow you through. Have the best of luck in your writing, contests and whatever your dreams are. Enjoy life, enjoy art, enjoy your thoughts, enjoy writing.

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So there will be no more of that sweet agony
I won’t know the different stages of hardening of your tongue
Or how your hands would play with my nudity
Always striking by the surprise
No getting to know the occasional rough touch of your beard
I can’t think what part of my skin and body would miss it the most
Is it the belly? The thighs?
And how can I let go of the sound of your shallow breathing
Or panting onto my neck

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