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41. Mirage 7/21/2006
42. Void 7/21/2006
43. Iciness 7/21/2006
44. Anniversary 3/2/2006
45. About The Oak Table Poem Number Five 10/12/2005
46. Solar System 5/10/2005
47. We Have Known Each Other 5/9/2005
48. Insanity 5/6/2005
49. October Thoughts 10/13/2005
50. A Wild Woman 3/2/2006
51. Deja Vu 7/21/2006
52. Decision After Breakfast 10/13/2005
53. The Morning Was Late 5/9/2005
54. Parting 5/6/2005
55. Wild Strawberries 5/9/2005
56. Desire 4/28/2005
57. In Your Hands 5/9/2005
58. Rain 4/28/2005
59. Everywhere In The World 4/27/2005

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Wild Strawberries

Wild strawberries
String together
On the long grass
Smell like a summer day

Strawberry juice on my lips
Strawberry juice on your hands
Your temples smell like strawberries
Moss smells like strawberries.

The whole world smells like strawberries
Spinning around.

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Prayer To Love

take away our sense of touch
so that we can’t hurt each other
with aimed hits.

take away our vision
so that we can’t wound each other
with contempt.

take away our words

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