ivor or ivor.e hogg

Rookie (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

ivor or ivor.e hogg Poems

361. Redistribution 1/11/2009
362. Generation Gap For M Lady Dee Daffodil 1/12/2009
363. Catapathy For M Lady Tara 1/13/2009
364. Moonshine 1/13/2009
365. Theroretically 1/14/2009
366. Preview For New Friend Amy 1/15/2009
367. Shadow Dancers For M 'Lady Amy 1/17/2009
368. Simplocity Appeals To Me For M Lady Catrina 1/18/2009
369. I Hesitate For Friend Konstantin 2/3/2009
370. Perfect Love For My Lady Irene 2/9/2009
371. Initiation For Friend Thadd 2/10/2009
372. No Recidivists 2/11/2009
373. Fashions Are A Passing Phase For Friend Jon London 2/5/2009
374. Encyclical 2/7/2009
375. The Threat Remains Story Poem 2/19/2009
376. False Pretences (Fictional) 2/20/2009
377. Penitent For Friend Konstantin 2/21/2009
378. Short Term Gains Experimental Form 2/22/2009
379. Freedom Of Expression For M Lady Christine Kerr 2/28/2009
380. Denial For M'Lady Ann Beard 3/1/2009
381. Clogyrnach 3/1/2009
382. I Wonder Why 3/1/2009
383. Cyhydedd Naw Ban 3/1/2009
384. The Teen Age Myth 3/5/2009
385. Sour Grapes For M Lady Tara 3/6/2009
386. Interfering Entities For Joe Poewhit 3/7/2009
387. Keeping Up Appearances Forjtellison 3/7/2009
388. Shared Confidence For My Lady Irene 3/9/2009
389. Party Time For M 'Lady Lucianne 3/10/2009
390. Beyond Price For M Lady Catrina 3/11/2009
391. Defeated Story Poem For M Lady Ernestine 3/12/2009
392. She Is My Home For My Lady Irene 3/14/2009
393. Return To Eilean Mhor For Friend Mark 3/15/2009
394. Success For Jon London 3/17/2009
395. Proud Pagan 3/17/2009
396. Scared To Death For Friend Konstantin 3/18/2009
397. Twilight 3/22/2009
398. Looking Back, Nostalgically 3/25/2009
399. Finale 3/27/2009
400. Democracy I Beg To Differ. 3/28/2009

Comments about ivor or ivor.e hogg

  • Catrina Heart (1/22/2009 9:44:00 AM)

    Ivor the master's craftman of poetry...his compositions were all carefully studied and penned, leaving no flaws to make it ageless. Perfectionist, using simple smooth flow of words with a very nice imagery. A true poet using rhymes and rhythms to all his glittering works...

    I am a fan Sir.

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  • Lucianne Fasolo (10/5/2007 9:34:00 AM)

    I love your writing style, and your poems. They're all skillfully written and beautiful. But of course you know that by now, ;)

  • Jennifer Perryman (9/9/2007 12:05:00 PM)

    Fantasy friends for children are wonderful, as your poem is wonderful.


    Magnificent poem, ivor

Best Poem of ivor or ivor.e hogg

A Fading Dream

The purple gloom of midnight hides
all outward signs of the decay.
A sense of grandeur still abides.
That’s absent by the light of day.

Stray silver moonbeams softly show
to best advantage what remains
of elegance from long ago
but very tactfully refrain,

From highlighting faults and flaws,
so obvious in the bright sunlight.
The broken panes and sagging doors
are kindly hidden by the night..

The formal gardens overgrown.
They have been long deprived of care,
dividing walls just heaps of stone.
Show through the brambles here and...

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Safely Stored

Inside of me I have a tree.
Where every leaf’s a memory
and every memory can connect with
something else I recollect
Although some leaves do fade and fall
I do not need to keep them all.
The sad, bad ones I can let go.
Ones I no longer need to know.
The happy ones I safely store

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