ivor or ivor.e hogg

Rookie (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

ivor or ivor.e hogg Poems

441. Turning Point For Friend Thad 6/4/2009
442. Validation For Colin J 6/4/2009
443. Prime Necessity 6/11/2009
444. Incapability 6/12/2009
445. Natural Selection For Friend Thad 6/14/2009
446. The Golden Age Which Never Was. 6/14/2009
447. One True Fact Story Poem 6/15/2009
448. Kismet 2009 6/17/2009
449. Repeat Performance? 6/17/2009
450. Divine Protection? 6/18/2009
451. Don'T Ask Me 6/18/2009
452. Meditating Meditation For M Lady Ernestine 6/6/2009
453. There And Back Again For M 'Lady Chitra 6/7/2009
454. Reviewing The Situation 2009 6/10/2009
455. The Ladies Know! ! This One Is For The Guys 6/20/2009
456. I Was Wrong: So What. Todays Idiocy 6/21/2009
457. Obstacles Are Challenges 6/21/2009
458. Freethinker For J.T.Ellison 6/1/2009
459. Thanks But No Thanks 6/24/2009
460. Perfect Justice 6/27/2009
461. Sibling Rivalry 6/27/2009
462. Self Opinion 7/4/2009
463. Day Off 7/6/2009
464. A Worthy Man? 7/7/2009
465. Maturely Considered Opinion 7/8/2009
466. The Call We Can'T Ignore For Friend Stephen 7/8/2009
467. Bewildered For M Lady Tara 7/10/2009
468. Read This And Weep For The Ladies 7/10/2009
469. She Guards The Guardian Story Poem 7/11/2009
470. For This Relief Much Thanks For M Lady Ann 7/13/2009
471. Late Evening Stroll For Friend Bob 7/16/2009
472. Whatshisname 7/18/2009
473. Their Evensong; My Pleasure For Friend Thad 7/19/2009
474. Personal Preference 7/19/2009
475. Tried And Tested 6/29/2009
476. Prithe Sweet Maid Say Yea For M Lady Ernestine 7/1/2009
477. Procrastination: The Thief Of Time For M Lady Catrina 7/20/2009
478. The Best Laidplans Gang Aft Agley Storypoem 7/21/2009
479. House Hunting For M Lady Ann Beard 7/22/2009
480. Attaining Virtue 7/27/2009
Best Poem of ivor or ivor.e hogg

A Fading Dream

The purple gloom of midnight hides
all outward signs of the decay.
A sense of grandeur still abides.
That’s absent by the light of day.

Stray silver moonbeams softly show
to best advantage what remains
of elegance from long ago
but very tactfully refrain,

From highlighting faults and flaws,
so obvious in the bright sunlight.
The broken panes and sagging doors
are kindly hidden by the night..

The formal gardens overgrown.
They have been long deprived of care,
dividing walls just heaps of stone.
Show through the brambles here and...

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No Free Passage

The long grey furrows of the sea
which switch and change incessantly
Conceal the graves of fishermen
who trusted her, once too often.

The sea is not trustworthy
her mood can change so easily.
She is a kind and cruel bitch.
The trouble is you don’t know which

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