ivor or ivor.e hogg

Rookie (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

ivor or ivor.e hogg Poems

561. Harmony Restored For M Lady Ernestine 11/7/2009
562. Morning Hymn 11/8/2009
563. I Love My Daughter: But 11/13/2009
564. The Autocrat For J.T.Ellison 11/13/2009
565. Rough Justice Story Poem 11/14/2009
566. Conforming 11/15/2009
567. He Calls Me Honky. 11/17/2009
568. Open To Review. For C.P.Sharma 11/18/2009
569. Double Standards, 11/19/2009
570. Feline Dreamy For M'Lady Ernestine 11/19/2009
571. It Might Come Back Into Fashion For All Long Suffering Husbands 11/19/2009
572. It Might Come Back Into Fashion 11/19/2009
573. Musical Magic A Logarhyme 11/21/2009
574. Blind Luck For Joe Poewhit 11/21/2009
575. The Night The Rains Came! 11/22/2009
576. Making The Effort For M Lady Ernestine 11/24/2009
577. Faith The Facts 11/25/2009
578. Temporary Purity 11/26/2009
579. Illogicality 11/27/2009
580. Fight For Freedom A Rant 11/30/2009
581. From Small Begginings Story Poem For M'Lady Ernestine 11/30/2009
582. Entanglements Embracing All. For Friend Thad 11/30/2009
583. One Day Perhaps I'Ll Understand. 12/1/2009
584. One Day Pehaps I'Ll Understand Tissues Warning 12/1/2009
585. Moonlit Melody. 12/7/2009
586. Shedding A Little Light On The Past For M 'Lady Ernestine 12/9/2009
587. Incomprehensible For Friend Chandra 12/12/2009
588. Nocturnal Artistry For M Lady Ann Beard 12/15/2009
589. Moonlight Mysteries. For M'Lady Tara 12/15/2009
590. A Wish Come True, Unexpectedly 12/20/2009
591. Establishing A New Precedent. 12/22/2009
592. Either Or: Both Can'T Be True Fpr Joe Poewhit 12/22/2009
593. Dog Watch 12/23/2009
594. Hooked. 12/25/2009
595. Well Deserved? 12/26/2009
596. Wishful Thinking. 12/27/2009
597. Saving Face. 12/27/2009
598. Tribute To W.E.Henley 12/29/2009
599. Longevity But At What Price? 12/30/2009
600. New Year Thoughts For All My Friends On Poemhunter 12/31/2009
Best Poem of ivor or ivor.e hogg

A Fading Dream

The purple gloom of midnight hides
all outward signs of the decay.
A sense of grandeur still abides.
That’s absent by the light of day.

Stray silver moonbeams softly show
to best advantage what remains
of elegance from long ago
but very tactfully refrain,

From highlighting faults and flaws,
so obvious in the bright sunlight.
The broken panes and sagging doors
are kindly hidden by the night..

The formal gardens overgrown.
They have been long deprived of care,
dividing walls just heaps of stone.
Show through the brambles here and...

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No Free Passage

The long grey furrows of the sea
which switch and change incessantly
Conceal the graves of fishermen
who trusted her, once too often.

The sea is not trustworthy
her mood can change so easily.
She is a kind and cruel bitch.
The trouble is you don’t know which

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