ivor or ivor.e hogg

Rookie (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

ivor or ivor.e hogg Poems

841. Ambivalence? 10/17/2011
842. Insomniacs Complaint 10/18/2011
843. Family Ghosts 10/21/2011
844. You Never Know. 10/26/2011
845. Am I Still Me? 10/27/2011
846. History In The Making 10/28/2011
847. No Resting Place 10/29/2011
848. Misplaced Trust 10/29/2011
849. Misplaced Trust Symmetrical Verse. 10/29/2011
850. Remembrance Day 11/7/2011
851. Boyhood Dreams. 11/7/2011
852. Merciful Release? 11/16/2011
853. Brown Envelopes. 11/22/2011
854. Losers Lament 11/23/2011
855. Shared Secrets 11/25/2011
856. Apathy Rages Unchecked 11/28/2011
857. Fleeting Impressions. 11/29/2011
858. Dream Images Can Change. 12/1/2011
859. Thieves Market 12/2/2011
860. Today Might Be My Lucky Day. 12/3/2011
861. Piercing The Veils Of Mystery. 12/6/2011
862. Dismal Outlook. 12/7/2011
863. A Change Is Called For. 12/13/2011
864. Frustrated Ambition. 12/14/2011
865. Involuntary Reaction 12/15/2011
866. Indelible Guilt. 12/18/2011
867. Reductio Ad Absurdum 12/21/2011
868. Deja Vu 12/21/2011
869. Uninhibited Dreams 12/24/2011
870. Proof Positive 2011 12/27/2011
871. Living In The Latter Days. 12/31/2011
872. Is This The Year The World Will End? 1/2/2012
873. Danger Threatens, 1/5/2012
874. I Choose To Protest Openly. 1/19/2012
875. Summer Nights Delights. 1/20/2012
876. Obedient To Natures Laws 1/21/2012
877. Voluntary Exile. 1/22/2012
878. Hi Mom; Remember Me? 1/22/2012
879. Quiet Departure / Tissue Warning 1/23/2012
880. Election Year, Your Chance To Have Your Say 1/22/2012

Comments about ivor or ivor.e hogg

  • Catrina Heart (1/22/2009 9:44:00 AM)

    Ivor the master's craftman of poetry...his compositions were all carefully studied and penned, leaving no flaws to make it ageless. Perfectionist, using simple smooth flow of words with a very nice imagery. A true poet using rhymes and rhythms to all his glittering works...

    I am a fan Sir.

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  • Lucianne Fasolo (10/5/2007 9:34:00 AM)

    I love your writing style, and your poems. They're all skillfully written and beautiful. But of course you know that by now, ;)

  • Jennifer Perryman (9/9/2007 12:05:00 PM)

    Fantasy friends for children are wonderful, as your poem is wonderful.


    Magnificent poem, ivor

Best Poem of ivor or ivor.e hogg

A Fading Dream

The purple gloom of midnight hides
all outward signs of the decay.
A sense of grandeur still abides.
That’s absent by the light of day.

Stray silver moonbeams softly show
to best advantage what remains
of elegance from long ago
but very tactfully refrain,

From highlighting faults and flaws,
so obvious in the bright sunlight.
The broken panes and sagging doors
are kindly hidden by the night..

The formal gardens overgrown.
They have been long deprived of care,
dividing walls just heaps of stone.
Show through the brambles here and...

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A crafty cat crapped in the crypt.
A furtive feline felony,
it left its mark and then it skipped.

The parish priest proclaimed that he
had cause to curse the cunning cat
for sacrilege and blasphemy.

He double damned the dastard cat

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