Ivy Christou

Ivy Christou Poems

1. Lonely People 4/20/2005
2. Preachers Of Nature 5/26/2007
3. My Guiding Star 5/6/2005
4. Pure Anger 6/1/2005
5. Sheep’s Outburst 11/1/2005
6. The Evolution Of A Cactus 11/26/2005
7. Thoughts Of A Despaired Dreamer 6/7/2005
8. Superimposable Clocks 3/20/2006
9. Midnight Thoughts 5/25/2005
10. The Story Of A Girl Called Life 3/30/2005
11. Come Back 10/28/2007
12. Let’s Tango On 9/9/2005
13. The Duck And I 9/4/2005
14. Find Me In The Dark 11/26/2005
15. Tarantulas Giving Birth 3/23/2006
16. Love Is Not Restricted In Spoken Words 4/23/2005
17. Sleepless Night 2/19/2005
18. Glorious Girl 9/4/2005
19. Loss Of Soul 2/18/2005
20. One Flower Away From The Sun 11/12/2005
21. Ocd 4/20/2005
22. If Only Fate Could Count.. 4/23/2005
23. In The Memory Of Shared Chocolate Boxes 6/8/2006
24. Dreams Are Not Afraid Of Heights 1/14/2006
25. Lets Kill Fate 2/18/2005
26. Grey Windows 4/30/2006
27. A Secret That Seeks For Clouds 11/20/2005
28. Loneliness 6/4/2005
29. Cutting Up Your Precious Petrol Supply 2/2/2006
30. A Love Letter Sent To Heaven 3/15/2005
31. Capturing The Wild Horse Of Courage 12/11/2005
32. Enjoy Being Alive 9/16/2005
33. When 'sarah' Was Left Behind 7/30/2005
34. I Would Rather Fade Away 10/8/2005
35. Confession Of A Mere Immortal 4/23/2005
36. Cinderella 10/21/2005
37. Dear Broken Heart 5/6/2005
38. A Caterpillar 6/19/2005
39. Cornwall 4/12/2005
40. Sunflowers 4/4/2005

Comments about Ivy Christou

  • Lynette Dias-Gouveia (8/30/2006 5:59:00 PM)

    Ivy's work is brilliant indeed and i wish her every success..

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  • Uriah Hamilton (3/20/2006 6:26:00 PM)

    You're both kind and intelligent! ! I'm so proud that you have read any of my poems!

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  • Max Reif (10/6/2005 8:30:00 AM)

    Ivy, you're a sensitive soul with a perceptive eye, a good heart, and, I believe, a strong will to growth. You've written all this at nineteen (I sure hadn't at that age) . Your poems speak of heartache, faith, and hope. I pray for your safe, full spreading and use of your spirit's wings, and I feel you have the potential, as your life-journey continues to unfold, to express things that will also be helpful to others.

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  • Thomas Viruvelil (9/19/2005 9:12:00 AM)

    Your poems are really touching my mind making me clearly feel your feelings so well.You are really a promising poet with divine creativity

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Best Poem of Ivy Christou

Hide Behind A Smile

My friend,
Let me hide behind a smile,
Even if you know the truth.
I know,
My eyes can’t lie
But I owe it to myself
To fool you all,
To fool me.
I want to hide behind a smile
So that you,
Who love me,
Don’t sense my pain,
Because you will feel it too.
I want to hide behind a smile,
So that you,
Who don’t care about me,
Don’t see me down
Before I have the chance to get up.
I must hide behind a smile,
So that you,
Who hate me,
Don’t feel proud
For what you have done..

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It’s been a busy day,
Working, laughing with friends,
Keeping the mind occupied
And the heart satisfied with nonsense.
And you return back to your room,
Once again tired.
You have a bath,
You read a magazine,
You go to bed..

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