Ivy Christou Poems

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Picasso's clouds sprinkled in the sky
and below them
ducks that laugh as
they search for the hidden sun.

A Caterpillar

Today a Caterpillar was dancing on my plant’s leaf,
Green with white strips,
Its panoply shining in the sun,
I guess you would not call it pretty.

Dear Broken Heart

Dear broken heart
I’ll go through your questions
One by one,
For these things as you know,


The clock has just struck one.
Have you seen Cinderella tonight?
Was she ever real?

Confession Of A Mere Immortal

I thought today was the day I was waiting all my life,
the day that our bodies are finally getting married
because our souls are already joined...
But the day I was waiting for

I Would Rather Fade Away

If my world were about to end
I would probably let my existence fade away,
Without saying a last word
Or writing a letter to mark my presence.

When 'sarah' Was Left Behind

An abandoned garden tries to survive alone,
A blind house with no windows stands alone in the rain,
Empty rooms remember their old glory
filled with laughter or tears

Enjoy Being Alive

So there is half a moon tonight
And there is no hint of clouds
And falling stars can be seen
And I can lie on the grass

Capturing The Wild Horse Of Courage

Tell me how to overcome this fear
And I will listen and memorise every word.
Point to me the easy solution
But remind me that all great things need courage.

A Love Letter Sent To Heaven

To you honey,
may you rest in the same peace
I had when we were together