J.B. LeBuert

Rookie - 20 Points (Kenmore, New York)

J.B. LeBuert Poems

201. (12) The Gold Rush Is On 2/13/2012
202. (07) The Pack Of Four Is No More 2/6/2012
203. (19) The Creator 2/21/2012
204. (02) Shewolf Is Back 2/2/2012
205. (01) Serious Stuff 2/2/2012
Best Poem of J.B. LeBuert

(01) Serious Stuff

Dawn had approached and it slinked and slithered about.
It smelled the strong odors with its pointed short snout.
It knew how to hunt, creeping down and staying low,
The saliva began to secrete and to flow.

Her eyes were flickering, and skin pulsing with sweat,
Nothing would survive, anything that she now met.
It crouched down on the tree bough, just ready to pounce,
As big as an elephant, or light as an ounce.

Her teeth were shining brightly in the low moonlight,
It moved with grace and ease, never felt any fright.
Hair bristling with the sheer ...

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Death Poem

Today she came at the break of Dawn,
Unlike other days when she came at Dusk.

Little did they realize what this drastic change meant?
So early in the morn - that She was sent.
The windows, still open from the night before,
Were visual signs the inhabitants of this strange land
Enjoyed the fragrant night breezes.

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