J. Christopher Bartley

Rookie (March the 18th,1980 / Lincoln County, NC)

Biography of J. Christopher Bartley

Often seen by those around him as withdrawn or emotionally numb, J. C. expresses his feelings on matters more vividly than what he when speaking. He holds two degrees in Criminal Justice (graduating with High Honors) and currently works in the healthcare field as both an EMT and in nursing.
Alot of his poetry stems from his simple, working class and Roman Catholic roots and the pride he feels in growing up poor. These factors made him feel that he appreciates the small things more in life.
J.C. also spends a large amount of his time working on photography and various art projects.
A major fan of classic science fiction and horror movies.

J. Christopher Bartley's Works:

Multiple poems published online and in his own zine 'The Anarchist's Cross'.. Not available online.

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