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J.D. Crockett Poems

1. Change 12/3/2007
2. Fooled Me Twice 12/3/2007
3. Jagged 12/3/2007
4. Keep Going 12/3/2007
5. Real Love 12/3/2007
6. Simple Goodbyes Are Best 12/3/2007
7. What Is Love? 12/3/2007
8. Let Me In 1/2/2008
9. What Is Pain? 1/14/2008
10. What Do We Need? 1/15/2008
11. Delemma 5/8/2008
12. Shaken 8/3/2008
13. Alone 9/3/2008
14. No One Is Innocent 9/8/2008
15. Love Coming Soon? 11/10/2008
16. My Heart 11/10/2008
17. The Corny Poem 11/16/2008
18. Stuck With Me 11/21/2008
19. True Beauty 1/17/2009
20. Changes In Me 1/17/2009
21. My Babygirl 4/19/2009
22. I'M Truly Sorry 11/1/2009
23. Thoughts During An Evening By The Fire. 1/9/2010
24. Ghost Of You 12/3/2007
25. In My Head 12/3/2007
26. Ode To My Regrets. 1/15/2010
27. Love Is Like A Blue Bird 1/15/2010
28. Why Won'T The Memories Fade? 5/8/2008
29. What Can You Say? 9/27/2008
30. Love The Devil Outta Me 12/22/2007
31. A Kings Game 12/3/2007

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Best Poem of J.D. Crockett

A Kings Game

blurs of white flying by
losers emit a mournful cry
a comeback from when they trail
winners give a triumphant yell

the crack of wood against the ball
two champs playing for it all
its not a bat that they do swing
but a paddle doth glory bring

spins and curves flying over the net
win it all game match and set
for this is the true sport of a king
this is the sport that is called ping............ pong

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I've finally come to realize
what it is that I do wrong
I need to try and heal my heart
instead of just moving along

getting hurt over and over
has made me rethink my life
this time don't fill the hole
that causes me too much strife

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