J.G. Finch

Biography of J.G. Finch

Justin Garfield Daniels known as J.G. Finch is an African American poet from the south who is known for his beautiful and tearful poetry. He received reviews from well known artist from his book of poems called Heavy Things. J.G. Finch is a brilliant poet. His poems tell a story, having all of them start with a beginning, climax and ending. Two of his pieces were accepted in the 2019 Altadena review.

Family background: J.G. Finch comes from a family of educators. Father was professor, therapist and preacher.

Upbringing: J.G. Finch was raised in Tennessee and Texas.

Interesting fact about author: J.G. Finch is autistic.
Finch has a fascination with birds hence, his pen name Finch.

J.G. Finch's Works:

Heavy Things

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I Can't

Don't touch me with those soft hands
Don't sit and pout in front of me
expecting me to stare into your beauty
To be lost into your skin
For you to be lost in my arms

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