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Rookie (9/25/90-Yesterday / Watertown, N.Y.)

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  • John Knight John Knight (7/25/2009 3:27:00 PM)

    Hi J - I thought I had better look you up as we share the same surname and first initial. I am currently writing a POEM on MEMORIES so I was glad you had a poem in that area, I like your poem although it does seem rather terminaI! I liked the line which begins MY SAD GHOST it made me think of the hundreds and cities and towns I have walked in and - in the majority making little impact! Yet in some of the cities in the UK such as Liverpool (where I was born) , , Loughborough, Leeds, where I have lived and Colchester where I now live there are a handful of people whose lives I have touched in a positive way. Thanks again for MEMORY PICTURES Yours JAK - UK

    PS I am very interested in HAIKUS! I like yours!

    PSS I have visited 47 of the American States and two years ago I travelled across NY State in the Fall - it is very beautiful. Most Brits think NY is only a City and they are unaware it is also one of the most beautiful States in the USA. I hope you agree. Were you born in NY State? ! ,

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Love Is Real (I Think)

Watching these phosphates wiggle, weaving space and time all together-
The soft explosions that create
And destroy the universe
Every second.
The hallucinations of life’s visions: whose dreams
remind me of sad memories and emotions
(She’s always there, scattered blank blue eyes,
Vivid in rainbow colors, smiling)
shading the thoughts and sketching them

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