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1. Smile- Share It 2/26/2011
2. Think And Dream Positive Thoughts 2/26/2011
3. Finished Product 2/26/2011
4. Love At First Sight And First Touch 2/26/2011
5. The Flip Side To Love's Glory 2/26/2011
6. All Because Of Anger 2/26/2011
7. Still Yearning 2/26/2011
8. Distant Dreams 11/8/2011
9. May It Always Be Mine-Your Friendship 11/8/2011
10. Insatiable 11/8/2011
11. To Move On 11/9/2011
12. The Child In You 11/9/2011
13. Driftin' 2/22/2017
14. Even On A Napkin 2/22/2017
15. Don't Wait On Tomorrow 2/22/2017
16. A World Without Music 2/24/2017
17. A Day For Myself 3/10/2017
18. We Are The Black Family 11/30/2018
19. When You Find The Missing Piece 11/30/2018
20. Before You Say Yes 11/30/2018
21. Reflections In The Snow (Moving Away) 11/14/2011
22. Keeping My Thoughts To Myself 2/26/2011
23. Alone But Not Alone 2/26/2011
24. My Quiet Spirit 2/26/2011
25. The Journey Begins 2/26/2011
26. Save The Children 2/26/2011
27. Firefly 11/9/2011
28. Reaching Someone 11/15/2011
29. Press On 11/14/2011
30. Alone In A Crowd 11/14/2011
31. You'Ve Got Mail! 2/26/2011
32. Here Is A Smile For You 2/26/2011
33. A Journey Unknown 2/26/2011

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  • ~ Jon London ~ (10/5/2009 10:57:00 AM)

    The return of one of the most talented and inspirational poets to bless this site..with words that dive and swim in the minds of all who read this wonderful writers works...Jack Price's poetry is some of the finest you'll find here at Poemhunter...He breathes life into simple words...with emotion and imagery that paints a world coloured by vivid scenery...that warms the heart....His poetry reaches beyond the lines...pulls the reader into ink...where each dance in splendour to the loving tones Jack plays......Be inspired...read and admire.....This poets work.....lifts the spirits higher..........Enjoy! ! ! !

    All the very best for the future my friend....Lovely to have you back

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  • Shashendra Amalshan (8/22/2009 1:55:00 AM)

    Jack Price is a very goo, humble poet in the site..
    His poems are in many ways inspirational to young budding youth..
    Most of his poems not only entertain the reader, but also give a good message..
    And more than anything he is a great person and a good friend..

    May you live forever! !

  • djean Whitney (4/26/2009 10:36:00 PM)

    You are sweet and I love all your poems thanks for writeing one for me, your the first and you now how to get a girl to smile, Thanks agen!

Best Poem of j l price

A Journey Unknown

Toss a bottle into a stream
just where does it go?
The moving water takes
it in the direction of the current.
Along its way it may contact
other visitors in the form of
branches, debris or even other
fellow cans or bottles.

Where will its journey end? Will it
be scooped out of the stream and
placed with other trash where it
should rightfully be? Will it proceed
onward and then become merged
into a larger body of water? How many
miles will complete its journey? Just
How long will it be in the water?

How many other bottles or cans ...

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All Because Of Anger

Our feelings get hurt; it’s so hard to forgive,
All will experience this but continue to live
Learn to get over hurtful words and go on
Life is too short; so you must remain strong

He said, she said and then those direct quotes
Some unexpected words and who now is the goat?
Although it’s not right, it’s not worth the fight
put words like the passing wind far out of sight

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