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it's me. my friends gay friend. i like to write, and i've been doing so since middle school (6-8) . i write poems, stories (any lengnth) , im learning german, native tounge english. i've been recently inspired by EMILY DICKINGSON. my favorite poet of all time is EDGAR ALLAN POE. and i like writing styles like that of J. R.(K. [w/e]) ROLLING, the author of 'INKHEART' and 'INKSPELL, ' and etc. My favorite genres are FANTASY, and HISTORICAL FICTION. Not to mention SCI-FI.

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None. [at this time in my life]

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Thinking Of What To Do

Thinking of what to do
Of what to say
Hoping for the best
Feeling hopelessness settling in-

Thinking of where to go-
Of who to go to-
Hoping for help,
Getting none

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