Jack Aubrey

Rookie (d.,2007 / Yorkshire, maybe Hampshire)

Biography of Jack Aubrey

Heroic protagonist. Opponent of all things evil, except for adultery. Oh, and a certain amount of buggery. Anointed in a secret ceremony as leader of the Welsh.

Pierced through the heart with a stem of mistletoe (golden bough) as Democrats seized control of the North American Congress, driving up the value of the Euro.

Hobbies: sarcasm, character-assassination, and cat-kicking.

Identifying marks: scar on forehead.

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Why must I choose
Between the axes?
I sketch a line, indeterminate -
Those who win, those who lose,
Pay value-added taxes -
Those who only serve and wait
Will graph their lives, bewail their fate.

You poets, buy your ammunition

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