Jack Kerouac

(12 March 1922 - 21 October 1969 / Lowell, Massachusetts)

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  • Steven Armstrong (5/2/2020 4:57:00 PM)

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  • Michael Walker Michael Walker (7/31/2019 12:17:00 AM)

    Kerouac's best poem I have read is 'In Vain'.

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  • M Asim Nehal M Asim Nehal (2/25/2019 12:53:00 PM)

    A wonderful poet who wrote fantastic haikus. I admire his poems.

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  • wwwww (11/1/2018 12:00:00 PM)


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  • edhen (9/21/2018 6:05:00 AM)

    What is the interpretation for this?

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  • A Realist (4/22/2018 12:24:00 PM)

    I for one did not like his haiku's, as they were meaningless and not in proper haiku format.

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  • Anthony MVHS (3/12/2018 10:26:00 PM)

    Stand Gang.....Period🗿

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  • Dj Strampe (2/20/2018 1:15:00 PM)

    My favorite poem of his has got to be Snow In My Shoe, it really spoke to me. The intensity of the words were fantastic and the whole poem was just really relatable.

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Best Poem of Jack Kerouac

How To Meditate

-lights out-
fall, hands a-clasped, into instantaneous
ecstasy like a shot of heroin or morphine,
the gland inside of my brain discharging
the good glad fluid (Holy Fluid) as
i hap-down and hold all my body parts
down to a deadstop trance-Healing
all my sicknesses-erasing all-not
even the shred of a 'I-hope-you' or a
Loony Balloon left in it, but the mind
blank, serene, thoughtless. When a thought
comes a-springing from afar with its held-
forth figure of image, you spoof it out,
you spuff it off, you fake it, and
it fades, and thought never ...

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'Tryna get to sunny Californy' -
Boom. It's the awful raincoat
making me look like a selfdefeated self-murdering imaginary gangster, an idiot in a rueful coat, how can they understand my damp packs - my mud packs -
„Look John, a hitchhiker'
„He looks like he's got a gun underneath that I. R. A. coat'
'Look Fred, that man by the road' „Some sexfiend got in print in 1938 in Sex Magazine' –
„You found his blue corpse in a greenshade edition, with axe blots'