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Hey O.o

If anyone's actually interested I'm a student in Derby, UK, taking my A-levels Woop ^..^

Only started writing poetry in 2009, wrote my 1st poem on a blackberry phone while watching Extraordinary people at stupid o'clock in the morning: P

Since my 1st poem I got into the swing of taking any form of inspiration, anything that gave rise to any inkling of emotion and forging scenarios of the said, using words.

Id always been a wordy type anyway, just took a while to find a way of using it ^^

Anyways, give my stuff a read, comment, rate, whatever, just enjoy it if you can: 3

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None: '(

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This Damned Rabbit Hole

I fear I am alone in this light, chosen to be salvaged from a somewhat functioning machine; it seems this perception will only ever see blight, a warped vision of a gleaming scene.

The dark gives rise to the glow, without its equal it would be hollow; but we never want to stay always wanting to go, ignoring the blue and taking the red to swallow.

Scribbling over art is to destroy? Why are so many canvases war torn; we are not in the times of Genghis Kahn and Troy, our hands cannot join t

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