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Hey O.o

If anyone's actually interested I'm a student in Derby, UK, taking my A-levels Woop ^..^

Only started writing poetry in 2009, wrote my 1st poem on a blackberry phone while watching Extraordinary people at stupid o'clock in the morning: P

Since my 1st poem I got into the swing of taking any form of inspiration, anything that gave rise to any inkling of emotion and forging scenarios of the said, using words.

Id always been a wordy type anyway, just took a while to find a way of using it ^^

Anyways, give my stuff a read, comment, rate, whatever, just enjoy it if you can: 3

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None: '(

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A Sweeter Perception

There is no need to observe your implications, no need to watch and survey your sensations; no need, but to live, breathe and do as you wish, move to your sound as your sound moves with you; take that which you give and you shall bear no blemish, follow not another's clue; but create your own sweeter surrender.

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