Jackie Kay

(1961 / Edinburgh / Scotland)

Jackie Kay Poems

1. No. 115 dreams 5/27/2017
2. Grandpa's Soup 5/27/2017
3. Castletown, Isle of Man 5/27/2017
4. My Grandmother's Houses 5/27/2017
5. Lucozade 5/27/2017
6. Gap Year 5/27/2017
7. Bed 5/27/2017
8. Keeping Orchids 5/27/2017
9. Between the Dee and the Don 5/27/2017
10. from Lochaline Stores 5/27/2017
11. Threshold 5/27/2017
12. Late Love 3/16/2016
13. Baggage 5/27/2017
14. George Square 5/27/2017
15. Sound Of Sleat 5/27/2017
16. That Distance Apart 5/27/2017
17. Fiere 5/27/2017
18. Something Rhymed 5/27/2017
19. Divorce 5/27/2015
20. Baby Lazarus 2/14/2015
21. The Mother Poem (Two) 2/14/2015
Best Poem of Jackie Kay

The Mother Poem (Two)

I always wanted to give birth
Do that incredible natural thing
That women do-I nearly broke down
When I heard we couldn't
And then my man said to me
Well there's always adoption
(we didn't have test tubes and the rest
then) and well even in the early sixties there was something
Scandalous about adopting
Telling the world your secret failure
Bringing up an alien child
Who knew what it would turn out to be?

But I wanted a baby badly
Didn't need to come from my womb
Or his seed for me to love it
And I had sisters who looked just like me
Didn't ...

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Dark, the days when the ships came slowly in,
Carrying the baggage from the old past,
Old love letters, promises long since past.

Icy cold it was that winter morning,
Thick fog blurred the ship mast
The ship humped in like a hurt already cast.

You had to go and pick it up. You pushed in,

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