Jackson Mac Low Poems

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Insect Assassins

Injects no survive. Efforts control the
Animal survive. Survive. Animal survive. Survive. Injects no survive.

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Stein 100: A Feather Likeness Of The Justice Chair

A feather table: reckless gratitude.
It is that-there that means best.

White the green grinding trimming thing!

Twenties 26

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whist natural sweep innate bicker
flight notionreach out tinsel reckoning
bitstraddleiniquitous ramble stung

Forties 30: Troelstrup Nightmare Flare Competition

Troelstrup nightmare risen quiz motivátion-issue tincture reality
twélve-knit tissue crest nést-modulation excrescence nativity
flý-by-níght trilateral tusk tenser flagrant rag mortal
limp insistence ancilla Detroit tourmaline torque encarceled discography metal

Call Me Ishmael

Circulation. And long long
Mind every
Interest Some how mind and every long

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