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Jackson Nyoho Poems

1. A Closed World 11/10/2009
2. Heavenly Rain 11/10/2009
3. Sun For Man 11/10/2009
4. Just Tell Me How 11/10/2009
5. Peace On The Mountain 11/10/2009
6. Grace Where Are You? 11/10/2009
7. The Shalom We Know. 11/10/2009
8. Unimaginable Light 11/9/2009
9. Smile Of Tears 11/9/2009
10. Winner's Weapons 11/9/2009
11. Joy Of Bliss 11/17/2009
12. Closed Windows 11/17/2009
13. The Twentieth Success 11/17/2009
14. Niside Of Success 11/17/2009
15. Uba Sani, Man Of Life. 11/17/2009
16. Load It Up 11/17/2009
17. Lonliness Like An Acid. 11/19/2009
18. The Train Of Passion 11/23/2009
19. Not At All Pleasant 12/1/2009
20. A Cherishable Gift 12/1/2009
21. Season Of Salute 12/1/2009
22. A Surprise From Mama 12/1/2009
23. The New Generation 12/4/2009
24. The Mind Of Nature 12/4/2009
25. Our Heart Recieves 1/20/2010
26. A Song That's Dew 2/9/2010
27. A Little Kindness 2/9/2010
28. Roll And Smile Eka 4/1/2010
29. Movement Of The Saints 4/6/2010
30. Paint The Wall 4/6/2010
31. The Boy Is Pained 4/9/2010
32. The Face Of A Broken Ring 4/9/2010
33. Rose In A Diamond 4/9/2010
34. Light Unfolds 4/29/2010
35. Your Mother, Our Mother 6/25/2010
36. What I Can'T Help 5/9/2013
37. The Affinity With Destiny 11/9/2009
38. You Cleaned Mine Eyes 4/9/2010
39. Poisonous Dreams 11/17/2009
40. Fan Of Life 11/10/2009

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Best Poem of Jackson Nyoho

Akwa Ibom State Of Promise.

Akwa Ibom State; the hope of Nigeria.
perfectly driven by the height of time.
from no-Land to More-Land;
Forcing praises out of the hard lips.

In state of crisis, so free we remain,
never been bordered of imbroglio moments.
continuously giving praises to Jah,
who has made us fortunate amongst others.

'The Land of Promise' we call it,
He has and will never let us down;
always adhering to his promises
with all mights and love.

Godswill, real God's will;
fulfilling God's will with love,
So our leaves will never wither,
the joy of ...

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Rest Of The Weary

As time clicks, memory changes;
Fate holds one closer to the tune of Nature
and a bell of Life rings to the people in Love,
they faded away in a wonderful, cool sleep.

When will they wake? i wonder;
Where is their destination? I wonder.

Like an air, no one can comprehend.

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